Ideas For Using Red Millet Flour

Red Millet (wimbi) is a grain that is tiny in size and round in shape and can be brown or red.   You can make it creamy like mashed potatoes or fluffy like rice, and it is a delicious grain that can accompany many types of food.  Millet is considered a  non-allergenic food and so is a great food for kids who may have food allergies. Millet flour is loaded with nutrients and using it in a cookie is a great food for an evening snack for kids and a guilt free snack for adults!

Health Benefits Of Red Millet (wimbi) Flour

Red Millet is gluten free, i.e. free from the gluten protein, which contains gliadin and glutenin. It contains fluorine, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. It is particularly abundant with vitamins of the B group, such as B1, B2, B6, B17, pantothenic acid and nicotinamide. With 59 mg of silica, 6.8 mg of iron, 0.6 mg fluoride, 3 mg sodium, and 170 mg magnesium per 100 g, brown millet is a good source of these important minerals. It is remarkable that here the minerals, trace elements and active ingredients are present in a fine form, which is easily absorbed by our body and our cells in a unique way.

  1. Treats Coronary Artery Disorder
    Consumption of millet in large amounts helps decrease triglyceride levels in the body. It thins the blood to prevent blood platelet clumping, thereby reducing the risk of sunstroke and coronary artery disorder.
  2. Helps in Weight Loss
    Millets contain tryptophan, an amino acid which lowers appetite and helps in managing weight. It digests at a slower rate and keeps stomach full for a longer period of time. Millets are high in fibre and satiate hunger quickly, preventing from overeating. People who want to lose weight should incorporate millets in at least one of their main meals.
  3. Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer
    Millet contains both fibres and phytonutrients, the combination of which is believed to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. Lignan, a phytonutrient in millet, is converted into mammalian lignan in the intestine that protects from breast cancer. In fact, consumption of millet can lower the risk of developing breast cancer by 50%.
  4. Helps to decrease high blood pressure
    Magnesium in millet relaxes the muscles that line the inside of the arterial wall, which helps to reduce blood pressure. It also reduces the severity of asthma and frequency of migraines.
  5. Helps in preventing Celiac disease
    Celiac is a disease which damages the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. People who suffer from this disease cannot tolerate gluten. This makes millet a perfect food for them since it is completely gluten-free.
  6. Controls Diabetes
    The low glycemic index in millet slows down the digestion process and keeps the blood sugar level at a constant ratio. Millets increase insulin sensitivity for people suffering with diabetes and also helps to control the sugar levels for non-diabetics especially type 2 diabetes.
  7. Good Source of Antioxidants
    The high amount of antioxidants present in millets fights free radicals present in the body which slows down the ageing process.
  8. Helps in slowing down muscle degradation
    Millets are high protein grains and contain lysine, an amino acid which slows down muscle degradation and helps to build leaner muscles.
  9. Aids in Sleep
    Tryptophan in millet raises the serotonin level in the body which helps in reducing stress. A cup of millet porridge every night can help to get sound and peaceful sleep.
  10. Helps in relieving menstrual cramps
    Because of its high level of magnesium, millet is a great food for women who suffer from unbearable pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle.
  11. Aids breast milk production
    Pregnant and lactating women are advised to consume Ragi in high amounts to increase the production of breast milk in their body. This enables the mother to feed the child for a longer period of time.


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